Olga Kononykhina

quantitative sociologist & data scientist

Olga Kononykhina - Quantitative sociology and data science in the fields of art, culture, diversity, governance, development, civil society and non-profits


Freelance consultant collaborating with

Key competences

  • Extended knowledge of cultural statistics around the world

  • M&E of cultural projects

  • Workshops facilitation

  • Cultural mapping

  • Impact/value evaluation

  • Audience research

  • Indicators development

  • Questionnaires development

  • Data analysis

  • Data visualization

  • Beautiful presentations

past projects

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Goethe Institute | British Council | Open University | Hertie School of Governance

global report unesco.png

The Global Report 2015 Re|Shaping Cultural Policies - a decade promoting the Diversity of Cultural Expression for Development


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My PhD: "Sociological analysis of cultural diversity

Heidelberg University 2012-current

The projects I work(ed) on answer the  following questions:

  • what is cultural diversity and how to measure it better,

  • how people in European countries participate in cultural events

  • how to map cultural actors, cultural organisations, mobility of artists

  • how to measure impact of an international convention/treaty,

  • how to measure impact/value of cultural projects,

  • how to measure impact/value of cultural relations,

  • how culture can drive democratic development


Something to brag about

one of my data visualizations (produced in collaboration with Keith Nurse that showed remittance flow to the Caribbean countries) has been published in a catalogue of an art exhibition (The other side of now) at the Pérez Art Museum Miami