Olga Kononykhina

quantitative sociologist & data scientist

Olga Kononykhina - Quantitative sociology and data science in the fields of art, culture, diversity, governance, development, civil society and non-profits

Corporate Citizenship

Data scientist at ZiviZ im Stifterverband
Currently working on the second wave of the Corporate Citizenship Survey

Key Competences

  • Know all the international statistics about nonprofit sector and civil society

  • Developed several methodologies that evaluate the state of civil society

  • Developed a Civil Society Enabling Environment Index

  • Gave lectures on civil society measurement

  • Created numerous beautiful presentations

  • Collected and analysed hundreds of data points and produced hundreds of beautiful #dataviz



Me and civil society research have a very long history. I have worked on various projects that measure civil society and nonprofit sector since 2008 (my cv).

  • I have first hand knowledge of the John’s Hopkins Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project (CNP) , as I was a part of the team that did this survey in Russia. Later I became a fellow at the John’s Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies.

  • I worked even more with another well known civil society measurement tool - Civil Society Index (CSI) (CIVICUS). I was a part of the team that conducted CSI in Russia, later I joined CIVICUS as an intern, then consultant, then research officer and took care of the CSI Civil Society Index to be finalised, analysed and published in about 30 countries. I was a part of the team that developed a smaller version of Civil Society Index (called Civil Society Rapid Assessment) and tested the methodology with our partners in The Gambia and Sierra Leone.

  • I have worked a lot with UIA (the database that lists all international organisations) and know it inside out as I analysed UIA data for multiple research projects (for example link)

  • Together with Lorenzo Fioramonti we developed a Civil Society Enabling Environment Index

  • As Part of the Governance Report Team (under supervision of professor Helmut Anheier) and together with professor Piero Stanig we developed a Civil Society Index

  • I have given multiple lectures and courses on measuring civil society and nonprofit sector in Russia, South Africa and Germany

  • I have conducted an analysis for the book about german foundations (Stiftungen in Deutschland) (there are 19K of them, in case you don’t know but always wondered)

  • Together with professor Helmut Anheier we wrote a chapter for the UNESCO Global Report 2015, exploring the role of civil society in the 2005 Convention implementation


Olga Kononykhina dataviz, data science
olga kononykhins data science, dataviz
olga kononykhina data science dataviz arts culture civil society

Chapter 14. Russia: A classical statist model (Irina Mersianova, Olga Kononykhina, S. Wojciech Sokolowski, and Lester M. Salamon) -Explaining Civil Society Development: A Social Origins Approach 2017

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Measuring the Enabling Environment of Civil Society: A Global Capability Index - VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations - Lorenzo Fioramonti; Olga Kononykhina 2014

In Search of Critical Capacity: Exploring Attitudes of NPO Leaders in Russia - Higher School of Economics Research Paper No. WP BRP 59/SOC/2015 Dr. Anael Labigne; Olga Kononykhina; Irina V. Mersianova 2015


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